If I were to write a book…

I was recently sent a writing prompt – if you were to write a book about your life – what would the titles of your chapters be? I struggle a little with this because everything is not always equal. You can live two lives at the same time and sometimes what is going on to the outside is a huge cover for what is happening on the inside.

But…. here goes:

  • The early years
  • When you knew what you did not know
  • The day that broke me
  • The rebellion
  • Teenage motherhood
  • The darkness
  • Thank you for rescuing me
  • Repentance
  • Mistakes and consequences
  • The Marriage from Hell
  • Whose the Daddy?
  • Princess Days
  • Not gonna be a ‘gonna’
  • New Country, New Life
  • Stepping Out
  • Baggage
  • Early Career days
  • Teenage hell
  • Standing strong for me
  • Love
  • Secrets & Lies
  • Turning Point
  • The day God turned up for me
  • Healing Church
  • Hillsong
  • Patience in the waiting
  • New Roads, New Rivers
  • Project 2018

That’s it. The good, the bad, the ugly. What about you? What would your titles be?


Rainy Days


Rainy days,

Made for love

For fires, books and cups of tea

Rainy days

Washing the earth

Tears of the sky bringing life to barren ground

Rainy eyes

Cleaning our hearts

So love once lost, can again be found





Words.  An assault on the senses.  Words falling from the page, beckoning you closer.  Words dripping with sentiment, or crashing around you as you journey to a far off land.

Words.  Powerful and emotional.  Tender and comforting.  Words that bring you to the edge of ecstasy and satisfy your inner longings.

Words of love, of judgement, of laughter.  Words that bring you to tears and words that make you strive more more.

Words like cascading waterfalls, flowing around you bringing joy.

Words. Its why I’m here.  The love of writing, and the desire to keep practicing.

Welcome !!